RAN Optimization and Benchmarking

Our services portfolio includes provision of consulting and engineering service for OPT Services for different mobile communication systems e.g. 3G, Wi-Max, LTE, etc.

Our Team

At Waseela we have high-caliber contractors and resources that can work within the customer's own organization. Waseela’s teams consist of leading experts in their specialty; experts who have been working on state of the art technologies with leading global players such as Mobily-KSA, STC-KSA, Zain-KSA, DU-UAE, Etisalat-UAE, Zain-Jordan and Umniah-Jordan. Our team has worked with various leading vendors such as NSN, Huawei and Samsung.
The team's background spans to various technologies and disciplines, including:

  • 2G, 3G/HSPA/HSPA+, WiMax & LTE
  • Project Management
  • RF planning
  • RF Optimization including Drive Testing & Post processing
  • QoS, QoE and KPI testing
  • Benchmarking

Our main strengths are embedded in the huge valuable investments in our highly dedicated, motivated teams and the vast and diverse knowledge and experience gained on latest technologies.

Radio Network Planning

Through its professional skillful highly educated calibers, Waseela is able to provide and has already provided RF planning for different technologies 3G, HSPA, HSPA+, WiMax and LTE, using different planning tools like Mentum Cellplanner and PathLoss for Microwave Planning.

Radio Network Planning

Radio Network Optimization

Waseela’s procedure in conducting the optimization is through dividing the organization into drive-testing/ measurement teams and post-processing/ analysis teams .During the optimization the teams will be looking into layer 1, 2, 3 parameters and readings and even up to layer 7 sometimes, in order to analyze and troubleshoot any up normality or unsatisfying performance of different technology networks like 2G, 3G, HSPA, HSPA+, WiMax and LTE.

Figure 2 below shows TEMS Investigation 2G working sheet for DT activities.

Radio Network Optimization

End-to-End Performance Analysis & Troubleshooting: The E2ES system is used to capture key network data and signaling messages in various networks nodes e.g. LTE(X2, S1-Mme, S11, S1U, S5, S8, SGi Etc.). This network data can then be correlated with the collected air interface data using one of the DT logging tool (e.g. XCAL/W/X) to provide a complete picture of end 2 end (end-to-end) service performance.

Figure3 shows the general configuration for the E2E system throughout the LTE network.

End-to-End Performance Analysis & Troubleshooting

Network Performance Benchmarking: Due to the marvelous cutting-edge technology in the smartphone manufacturing and applications spreading all over, huge unexpected demand on applications and on the internet have been dragging the operators, who are looking to ensure the highest levels of quality, availability and subscriber satisfaction and be able to prove it, into critical needs and requirements to perform mobile network performance benchmarking.

Figure 4 shows one of the findings of the smartphones benchmarking project which was performed for Etisalat through Ericsson all over UAE.

Network Performance Benchmarking

Comparisons with competitor's performance: Due to the harsh competition between operators in order to achieve the highest level professionalism, sophisticated services and customer satisfaction, comparison needs to be conducted from time to time for the sake of improvements and development, hence, business existence and more revenue.

Figure 5 shows accessibility comparison between two different operators

Comparisons with competitor's performance

Performance Management: Key performance indicators are always driving factors for the optimization activities and management decisions. Accordingly, indicators like successful setup rate, session establishment delay, drop rate, latency, jitter, DL/UL layer 2, 3, 4 and 7 throughput, intra/inter site HO,Etc. are being measured frequently for optimal performance ,hence, customer satisfaction.

Figure 6 shows the application throughput measurements readings.

Performance Management

Technical Strategy & Feasibility studies: Consultation services are offered in order to put departmental or company scale strategies and in order to make feasibility studies for getting into any project ,including
Vendors/bidders selection.

Indoor& Special Events solutions: Waseela is providing passive and active turnkey indoor solutions from the acquisition to the acceptance, going through the design. More than 150 sites in have been deployed in UAE and KSA.

RFP & RFQ Support: Waseela proudly has senior consultants and solution architects mastering the different services (IBS,RNO&RNP,TI ,MS and Integrated services) and products (Dragonwave, Redline, Dialogic, Openwave Mobility, Mavenir, General Dynamic Broadband ,Accuver and TE),in addition to the ability to handle/respond to any type/size of RFPs/ RFQs.

Added Values

Waseela has been able distinguish itself among the others , as part of the company’s roadmap concerning the development plan and strategy, which direct the effort toward becoming a regional leading system integrator, services provides and international technology developers.

Below are some of the major added values:

  • Efficient project management, resources utilization, design & deployment, hence, more customer satisfaction and optimized CAPEX & OPEX
  • Consistency in network design & performance throughout the network (even when different vendors are used) by ensuring systematic design , optimization based on concise documentations and build vendor-independent technical competency)
  • Ensuring the operator long-term objectives are maintained
  • Visibility of operator network performance and benchmarking against competitors
  • Provide independent un-biased advice on selection of tools & equipment
  • Technical management of the operator’s vendors
  • Independent audits and benchmarking of quality of service/ experience by customers, including:
  • Coverage availability & quality
  • Accessibility & Retainability
  • Speed and data transfer reliability
  • Billing Accuracy
  • Main issues impacting users’ experience
  • Investigation of technical issues such as cross-border coordination, spectrum utilization, etc.
  • Advice on spectrum policy and spectrum management issues
  • Assessment of adherence to policy & regulations, including health and safety
  • Enforce the best practices in the project management and technicalities and employ well tested methodologies & processes
  • Complement the vendor teams with highly qualified and experienced planning & implementation engineers in addition to the post-sales support
  • Completing specific radio planning & optimization projects:
  • Drive tests with detailed post-processing
  • Propagation model tuning
  • Complete radio planning & optimization of a given area or country
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