Real-Time Tracking – RTLS

Waseela RTLS offers advanced real-time location-tracking of persons and assets in an enterprise environment that is powered by WiFi:

  • Monitor, real time, employees and/or security staff and/or nurses/doctors and/or children.
  • Run automatic rules on employees and/or staff to alert management based on:
    • Entering/Exiting specific zones.
    • Population within specific zones.
    • Distances between persons.


  • Allow secure two-way communication and alerts between staff and management 


Added Value Services:

Many added-value services can be offered to enterprises. Some examples: −     Offer Mall management or offer kids entertainment providers solution to monitor and track kids. Parents can locate their kids real-time and can receive alerts when kids leave play area. −     Offer management of malls, airports, hospitals, stadiums and universities solution to track and monitor their staff and employees with various business efficiency automatic rules. −     Offer management of malls, airports, hospitals, stadiums and universities solution to track and monitor their valuable assets and equipment real-time including some sensors reading.    

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Wi-Fi Tags Types:

Several tag types are available depending on the purpose and industry: Asset Tag: Tamper, Position. Wrist Wrap Tag: Safety, Health. Badge Tag: LCD Display and messaging Virtual Tag: SW based, messaging and Ads.

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System Accuracy:

“To achieve the accuracy; Wi-Fi network must be designed as per RTLS requirements” The designed algorithm gives the accuracy of less than 3 meters in 90% of results.

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